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  Pre-Natal Massage

  3/4 hour $63, 1 hour $80, 1 1/2 hour $105

  Pregnancy delivers a host of discomforts that often improve with massage.  The therapists who offer Pre and Post Natal     treatments have completed additional training and are prepared for the various challenges.  Several studies have been     completed that detail the many benefits of therapeutic massage for the expecting mother and baby.

 Hot-Stone Massage 

 1 hour $105

  Melt your tension away with a hot-stone massage.  A full body treatment that is enhanced with warm stones sending       soothing heat deep into your muscles.  This combination of relaxation massage and powerful warmth from the stones     delivers a hard to match deep relaxation. 

  Therapeutic Massage  

  1/2 hour $40,    3/4 hour $63,    1 hour $80,    1 1/4 hour $90,    1 1/2 hour $105

   Find relief from common muscle aches and stiffness.  Help manage pain and enhance the effectiveness of other therapies.

   Your massage is tailored to your requests and may include deep tissue combined with relaxation massage.


 1/2 hour $35, 1 hour $70

  A soft touch technique is applied to activate the natural healing abilities of your body and help restore

  physical and emotional balance.  During a treatment, you are laying fully clothed on the massage table while relaxation     music is played.  Schedule Reiki, pronounced "ray-key," appointments with Dana.